SOFOSH : Society of Friends of the Sassoon Hospital

SOFOSH was founded in 1964 with the aim of supplementing the medical services provided by the Sassoon Hospital, a Maharashtra State Government run general hospital in Pune, to needy patients. SOFOSH provides a wide range of humanitarian services to crisis affected families of patients and supports Sassoon Hospital itself by providing and maintaining a few facilities in its premises. Its activities include patient welfare, childcare, care of the mentally and physically challenged children, adoption services and counseling. SOFOSH is managed by a committee which appoints professional social workers to implement its policies. SOFOSH is a registered charitable organization which runs on donations from well wishers.


    A. Patient welfare

    1. Sofosh provides medical, material and social assistance to needy patients, especially patients of HIV-AIDS, TB, Burns.

    2. Nutrition clinic and health education program.

    3. Donation of useful equipment to Sassoon hospital.

    B. Childcare

    1. 'Shree-vatsa' childcare center
    This was established in 1973 to take care of orphaned or abandoned children below 6 years of age. In addition to taking care of the medical, nutritional and psychological needs of the children, Shree-vatsa aims at reuniting the children with their natural parents or finding adoptive parents for them.

    2. Adoption service
    Besides finding adoptive parents for orphaned or abandoned children, SOFOSH also provides pre- and post-adoption counseling to the family.

    3. SOFOSH Dhadphale Center
    The center houses 'Tara' - a home for mentally & physically challenged children. Tara helps these special children to live a life with security and dignity.

    C. Nutrition Clinic & Health Education Center

    Established in 1979, this clinic provides nutritional supplements to mainly three categories of patients attending the OPDs at Sassoon Hospital : pediatric patients, expectant mothers and HIV positive patients. This center also imparts health education and counseling

    D. Help to Women in Crisis

    'In our country, many women have to face a variety of crisis situations due to social or familial factors. SOFOSH helps such women in crisis in various ways.

    E. Training

    SOFOSH conducts training programs for students of social work from local, national and international institutions, nursing students, medical students and physiotherapy students of BJ Medical College, Pune.


  • SOFOSH at Sassoon General Hospital, Pune
  • Shree-vatsa : the wealth of affection!
  • Patient welfare (especially for HIV-AIDS & TB patients)
  • Patient welfare (especially for HIV-AIDS & TB patients)
  • Special care for special children at 'Tara', SOFOSH Dhadphale Center
  • Enriching lives with nutrition and health education

Bulletin Board

How You Can Contribute


SOFOSH runs entirely on donations. All services of SOFOSH are provided to needy patients and children totally free of cost.

Donations to SOFOSH are eligible for income tax exemption under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act. 

Donations to SOFOSH Dhadphale Center are eligible for an even greater tax exemption under Section 35 AC.

Contact Details

Registration No. MAH / 447 / POONA
Below ward no 31/32,
Sassoon General Hospitals,
Pune 411 001
Maharashtra, India
Tel: +91 20 2612 4660 / +91 20 2612 0762
Shreevatsa: +91 20 2612 8219
W :

SOFOSH Dhadphale Center
S/#. 86/2 A, Jawalkar Nagar,
Pimple Gurav
Pune 411 061

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