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NAMV was established in 1996 with the objective to cater to the higher educational needs of the visually challenged. NAMV aims at the true development of the body, mind and soul of every student in addition to academic assistance and guidance. The number of students helped by NAMV varies from 150 to 200 per year. The name 'Nivant Andha Mukta Vikasalay' literally means an abode of serenity and development for the visually challenged.


    1. Core Teaching in varied subjects like Politics, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy,
     Sociology, German, English Literature, Communication, Law, Accountancy & Costing, Food Craft, Classical Dance & Music, Information Technology, Commerce, etc.

    NAMV guides students right from standard 11th to various levels of graduation and post-graduation like M.A., D.Ed., B.Ed., B.C.A., M.S.W., U.P.S.C., M.C.M., etc.

    So far, in all exams, NAMV has achieved 100 % passing results with many students achieving distinction and high ranks.

    2. NAMV maintains an audio library of classics in Marathi and English literature in MP3 format and distributes these treasures to students from all over Maharashtra.

    3. Techvision : Software development division of NAMV provides a platform for its students to undertake projects for Indian as well as International firms.

    4. Computer Training : Basic as well as advanced training is imparted to visually challenged students in computer usage as well as hardware assembling.

    5. Library of Braille books : More than 3000 books are available in Hindi, Marathi and English including printed books and manuscripts on diverse topics. Fifteen such libraries have been set up in different parts of Maharashtra, from Kolhapur to Chandrapur and Kokan to Buldhana.

    6. Braille script workshops : These are conducted in various schools for students with normal vision, so that they can become volunteers in the movement to create books in Braille script for their visually challenged brethren.

    7. Braille Book Release Ceremonies : Braille scripted editions of well-known books of reputed authors are released in ceremonies attended by the authors.Students of NAMV have got an opportunity to communicate directly with authors and poets such as Narayan Surve, Sudhir Moghe, Vin.Da.Karandikar, Sandeep Khare, Sudha Murthy, Alka Mandke, Prataprao Pawar, Meena Prabhu and many more.

    8. Employment Opportunities : More than 1000 students have so far been employed in diverse jobs in private and public sectors. NAMV itself has employed 11 of its own past students as staff members in various capacities.

    9. Income Generating Activities : To give the visually challenged students a feeling of self-respect, NAMV encourages them to learn skills and crafts which can generate income, e.g. making of Braille greeting cards, chocolates, paper flowers and paper bags.

    10. Sports : NAMV's teams participate in tournaments in Judo, Yoga, Malla-khamb and Cricket at State and National Levels.

    11. Sociocultural events : Students are given an opportunity to participate in sociocultural events which enrich their minds. For example, a visit to forest area guided by ornithologist Kiran Purandare, dance training imparted by Shamak Dawar, tree plantation, blood donation, raising funds for younger fellow students, etc..


  • Techvision : Software development for Indian and International firms
  • Computer training
  • Library of Braille books
  • Braille script workshops for students with normal vision
  • Ceremonial release of Braille editions of well-known Books
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Income Generating Skills and Crafts
  • Niwant Sports Teams
  • Interaction with ornithologist Kiran Purandare
  • Dance Training and Award Winning Performances
  • Tree Plantation
  • Blood Donation
  • Celebrating Success in Exams
  • Niwant : A Gurukul, Vidyapeeth, Ashram, all in one!

Bulletin Board

Success of NAMV students in HSC Exam 2015
20 Jun 2015 POSTED

In all, 20 students of NAMV appeared for 12th standard (HSC) exam conducted by Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education in March 2015. 15 students were from Arts faculty and 5 from Commer... Read more

How You Can Contribute

1. Donate

By cheque in favor of 'Niwant Andha Mukta Vikasalay'.
Donations are eligible for income tax exemption under section 80 G.

All activities of NAMV are conducted for visually challenged students totally free of cost. Donations from well-wishers is an important life line for NAMV

2. Sponsor A Project

Sponsor a book in Braille script.

3. Donate in kind

Especially MP3 players.

4. Be a volunteer

One urgent need at present is Marathi typing.

For further details, please contact Ms. Meera Badve, Director, on cell no.

Contact Details

Niwant Andha Mukta Vikasalaya
Niwant, S.No.33,
Plot no. 75.
Pune 411032

Mobile : 99237723759923772375
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