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Sarthak Seva SanghSarthak : Home for the Homeless

'Sarthak' is a shelter cum rehabilitation center for destitute children, located at village Amble, near Saswad, in tehesil Purandar, district Pune. At present (May 2015) Sarthak shelters 38 children. It is run by the NGO called Sarthak Seva Sangh, with its office located in Sadashiv Peth area of Pune. Sarthak not only provides a shelter for homeless children, it aims at empowering them to live with hope and dignity. Founded by Dr Anil Kudiya, PhD, in 2009, Sarthak center is guided by a group of trustees who have earned a great reputation in their respective professions and whose dedication to the noble cause of Sarthak is unquestionable. To take day to day on the spot care of the children, Sarthak rehabilitation center is blessed with the presence of ‘Akka' - the loving, caring, capable and disciplined care-taker Mrs Kumudini Khandagale. A grandma-like figure in her seventies, Akka is surprisingly full of energy, enthusiasm and an almost infinite empathy and affection for children. She had worked with Vinoba Bhave in his Ashram and carries its rich legacy into Sarthak!
Remember 'Sarthak' whenever you see a child who is being forced to beg near a traffic signal!


  • Sarthak volunteers visit chowks, slums, scrap shops, red light areas and places frequented by addicts. They try to speak with and win the trust of people at such places.
  • The volunteers try to persuade the local elders to send homeless children in these places to Sarthak rehabilitation center at Amble.
  • Orphans are admitted to Sarthak rehab. center on a priority basis. Occasionally, mentally or physically challenged children are also admitted.
  • Once a child is admitted into Sarthak center, the child's world undergoes a great transformation. The child is provided with a clean, hygienic, healthy atmosphere in which he / she naturally imbibes the habit of cleanliness and understands the significance of cleanliness.
  • Sarthak provides the children with not only a clean shelter; but also nutritious food, comfortable clothes, and necessary medicines.
  • With the help of doctors sent by the Venky’s food company and also some local doctors, regular medical checkups are conducted for the children.
  • Sarthak center has a big playground for the children to play and run around.
  • Sarthak's farm land provides the children with an opportunity to experiment with gardening, horticulture and agriculture.
  • Children start learning the neatness, tidiness and discipline of a home --- something that many of them have experienced for the first time in their life.
  • Children are enrolled into either a private school or a Zilla Parishad school, both located nearby.
  • Children are also taught vocational skills in gardening, horticulture, agriculture, masonry, carpenter's work, electric work, plumbing, etc, as per individual aptitude and liking.
  • Those with special talent in sports, athletics, music, painting, sculpture are given special encouragement and assistance to develop their potential.
  • Evenings at Sarthak center are spent in indoor or outdoor, intellectual or physical games.
  • Unfortunately, many of the homeless children become addicts of alcohol, tobacco, drugs or even a deceptively innocuous looking substance like whitener. Sarthak volunteers strive to liberate these helpless children from the grip of these addictions. This is a very tough challenge with uneven progress; but Sarthak has successfully freed many children from addictions.
  • Sarthak Seva Sangh : Dreams for the Future
    1. To build a 4 story building for boys' and 2 story building for girls' hostel. (The construction work has already begun.)
    2. To develop an outreach program for identification and rehabilitation of child addicts. To provide them with de-addiction treatment (with the help of centers like 'Muktangan'), night- shelters, educational facilities, recreation, medical aid etc. in their locality itself.
    3. To start a nursing school and a vocational training school for the grown up inmates of Sarthak center at Amble.
    4. To find a suitable spouse for each of the grown up inmates.
    5. To help each grown up inmate with higher education and jobs for their complete social and financial rehabilitation and self dependence.
    6. To start informal public educational and awareness programs for the local population of Amble village and many more surrounding villages.
    7. To start a FREE dispensary and mobile medical unit for the local poor.
    8. Sports Inqilab Project : To impart professional quality training in various disciplines of sports to the children.


  • As most of their parents were engrossed in addiction and wrong deeds, many of these children were deprived of social respect, education, cleanliness, daily bread and consequently even of life.
  • Disturbing ruined condition of deprived children commonly seen on our streets, slums, garbage bins etc.
  • Disturbing ruined condition of deprived children commonly seen on our streets, slums, garbage bins etc.
  • Stunned to see homeless actually staying and sleeping near the street garbage bins accompanied by the stray dogs.
  • These children also had stains of white fluid that they were addicted to.
  • These children were forced to lead their lives being engaged in collecting paper, glass from the bins, addiction, theft and bring about the same next generation as of their parents.
  • Volunteers of Sarthak Seva Sangh visit various places like chowks, slums, scrap shops, addiction places and redlight areas of Pune and nearby suburban areas.
  • The volunteers meet the guardians of the children between 5 to 18 years of age residing at these areas. They try to speak and gain faith of these people.
  • Gathering these children in nearby gardens, giving them snacks and teaching them to at least hold a pencil and giving them pleasure of drawing colourful pictures was actually a time consuming but satisfying task.
  • Then we tried to bring in some of the volunteer’s home for food and night-stay. Food is not a daily search for them now. Generous people are pleased to visit children.
  • Gradually the children also started learned to hold slate and pencil confidently.
  • The kids are taught to be smart and clean.
  • The kids are taught to be smart and clean.
  • The kids are taught to be smart and clean.
  • The kids are taught to be smart and clean.
  • Feeling the need to take these children away from their present atmosphere the search for a new place surged, which took us 50 kms away from Pune in Amble village, Taluka Purandar. With the help of generous hands finally their OWN HOME came TRUE
  • Education : the key to liberation from misery and injustice.
  • Broad smiles spread; enjoying picnics.
  • Broad smiles spread; enjoying picnics.
  • Changeover in livelihood.

Bulletin Board

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How You Can Contribute


By cheque in favor of 'Sarthak Seva Sangh, Pune'.
For donations of or above Rs.500/- you can avail of Income Tax exemption under section 80 G of the Income Tax act 1961.
(Ref. Pn/CIT-1/80G/266/2011-12/4027 dated 12-01-2012).
Please write your name and address on the reverse of the cheque.

By on line transfer of funds :
Account Details of Sarthak Seva Sangh :
SBI - 31122308109 (Pune Main Branch)
IFSC - SBIN0000454
HDFC Bank - 06331450000021 (Nana Peth Pune Branch)
IFSC- HDFC0000633

Donate in kind

Clothes, toys, furniture, educational aids, food grains, construction material, other utilities, etc, after consulting Dr Anil Kudiya (Founder) on +919822490706

Annual Expenses

Bear the annual expense of of any one child (Rs.15,000) : You can regularly meet the child and witness his or her progress.


Sponsor the cost of one room/hall in the proposed new building of Sarthak in the memory of a relative/friend

Be a volunteer for Sarthak

Visit Sarthak to interact with the children, teach them some new skill, publicize the cause of Sarthak among your contacts, be a part of Sarthak's team that visits children in distress and tries to rescue them by convincing the local elders.

Inform Sarthak about a homeless/destitute child in distress whom you know and who might be rescued and rehabilitated by Sarthak.

Contact Details

Sarthak Seva Sangh
Reg.No. Maha/1599/2009/Pune.
BPT No.: F 31380(P)

Office : Flat No.12, Sharada-Ganesh Apartments,
Near Vitthal Mandir, 392 Sadashiv Peth, Pune 411030

Sarthak Rehabilitation Center :
Gat No.1005, Gram Amble, Saswad-Yavat Road, Taluka Purandar,
District Pune, PIN 412104

E mail :

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