How you can contribute

  • You can regularly and frequently visit this website and encourage your family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, students, teachers, acquaintances, etc to visit Social Pool regularly and frequently. You can set a time table for visiting it everyday/every week/every fortnight as per your convenience.

  • You can contact the socially active individuals or organizations listed on this website. Please give a reference of this website while contacting them. We are sure that such contact will result in fruitful and mutually beneficial interactions. You can donate to the organizations, offer to work for them as a volunteer or help to facilitate useful cooperation between two or more organizations for a common social cause.

  • Suggest to us names of organizations and individuals who you think should be listed on this website. You can inform us about their area of work, dreams, goals, challenges, requirements, efforts, experiments, achievements, etc.
    You may be such an individual yourself or may be representing such an organization. Please don't feel shy to inform us about yourself!

  • You can inform us about some needy and deserving individual who may be helped by one or more of the organizations or individuals listed on this website.

  • You can send to us any piece of news (about events and happenings in recent past or near future) which you think should belong to our bulletin board.

Donate / Volunteer
  • You may be a willing volunteer / potential donor and you can inform us what you can offer. This website may help you to find a compatible recipient matching your offer of donation / voluntary work and you will feel fulfilled and satisfied that your contribution has been utilized for the right cause.

  • You can directly participate in the working of this website in various ways: e.g. by offering creative, administrative, organizational, technical or promotional assistance.

  • You can participate in events / activities conducted by this website.

  • Please inform us about your experiences of interactions with organizations or individuals listed on this website.

  • You can send your suggestions to us to make and keep our website socially relevant and useful.

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