The inspiration of Laxmikant Pacharne

Posted on : 25 Jun 2015

Mr Laxmikant Pacharne, leader of union of revenue employees of Maharashtra, once visited Baba Amte's Anandwan in 2014 and he got so inspired and motivated that he decided to raise Rs.1 lakh and donate it to Anandwan. He soon kept his commitment and handed over cheques with a total worth of Rs.1 lakh to Dr Vikas Amte, during his Pune visit in November 2014.

But Mr Laxmikant Pacharne did not stop at this one donation. He decided to continue his fund raising and donation activity and extend it to other good NGOs. For this purpose, through his own organization called Charms Group, Mr Pacharne has involved many middle class people to participate in his fund raising drive.

After donating Rs 1 lakh to Baba Amte's Anandwan, Mr Laxmikant Pacharne's Charms Group has so far donated Rs 1 lakh each to Dr Abhay Bung's Search, Phalnikar's Apala Ghar, and an NGO at Yamgarwadi in Osmanabad district, working for the development of children and youth from nomadic tribes. Mr Pacharne encourages many middle class people to actually visit the place of work of each NGO and interact with it.

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