Suresh Joshi ‘scraps’ his idea

Posted on : 27 Jun 2015

74 years old Mr Suresh Joshi, a resident of Phatak Baug, Pune, is a retired bank employee. Just before retirement, one of the customers of the bank told him that he needed aluminium scrap for his business. Let us call him customer A. The customer A hoped that Mr Suresh Joshi would know some other customer, say, B, who would be generating such scrap as a waste product of his business. But A told Mr Suresh Joshi that he needed pure aluminium scrap not mixed with impurities like iron. Mr Joshi soon found such a compatible customer B whose business was generating aluminium scrap mixed with impurities. But Mr Joshi didn't stop at that. He actually got such scrap from B, worked for several hours on it to remove iron from it using a magnet and gave it to A. To his surprise, Mr Suresh Joshi got a good price for this scrap.

This gave him idea of a business which he started after his retirement. He decided to use all the money that he earned from the scrap business for charity. So far, the retired middle class bank employee has donated Rs 12 lakh to various NGOs from his own earnings. Moreover, he has also motivated his relatives and friends to donate Rs 30 lakh!

The organizations which have received donations from Mr Suresh Joshi include Baba Amte's Anandwan and Lok Biradari Prakalp, Shantiwan, Sarthak, Ushatai Lokhande Charitable Trust, Radha Medical Trust, Chhatrapati Pratishthan, Jeevan Vardhini Niwasi Matimand Vidyalay, Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti, etc. Mr Suresh Joshi has also helped a few poor patients with their medical expenses and a few needy college students with their educational expenses including tuition fees.

One of the salient features of Mr Joshi's donations is that he raises funds for some very specific purpose, raises the exact amount for that particular purpose and makes sure that the purpose is achieved. This is how he has been able to sponsor an electric pole for a charitable school, clothes for a hostel, and a bore well for a school for the mentally retarded. The organizations as well as the donors feel very satisfied because of this purpose‐specific fund raising concept which Mr Suresh Joshi has adopted.

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